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Introducing ClassicPress

Created in 2018, ClassicPress is an LTS (Long Term Support) version of WordPress, taken from version 4.9 which did not have any Gutenberg code.

Being LTS, it is continually updated with security patches, but will NEVER contain any block code or functions. WordPress code and functions that were not needed have been removed, reducing the size of the installation and allowing it to operate much more quickly.

At 25MB, it is currently half the size of WordPress and requires far less server requests, which means pages load quickly.

The editor used is the classic TinyMCE, so there is no need to use the Classic Editor plugin. An optional enhanced version is available as a plugin, which gives you more functions and retains the HTML tags. This can be very useful if you are inserting code snippets into a page or post.

In the future, a newer version of ClassicPress will be released that will depart from WP 4.9 and enable you to install any core features you do still want as plugins. ClassicPress will then start to become its own CMS as WordPress moves further and further into a block-centred CMS.

But the current LTS version will still be maintained and will be available for many years. So, if you are looking for a classic version of WordPress that will not suddenly inflict breaking changes on you, then ClassicPress is the ideal solution.

Instantly Familiar

Zero Learning Curve

Classic Style

You will feel right at home

No Gutenberg

Absolutely No Blocks

Less Bloat

Less code and faster loading

Community Driven

Users Have Their Say

Feature Requests

Anyone can suggest a change

Simple Installation

FTP or One-Click

Your Choice

FTP, Installatron or Softaculous

Plugin Compatibility

WordPress plugins that work with WP 4.9 or lower will usually work exactly the same with ClassicPress. However, plugins owned by WordPress (Automattic) will not.

ClassicPress enables anyone to fork a WP plugin or create a new one designed to work specifically for CP. These plugins are then added to the CP Plugin Directory.

This directory, along with a themes directory will soon be added to the CP admin panel, so you will be able to search for them as you currently do for WP plugins.

If you are looking for an eCommerce solution, WP EasyCart works perfectly well with CP.

The Beaver Builder page builder works perfectly with CP, but Elementor does not. However, a version that does work, is available under the Plugins tab in the menu above.

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