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To help increase awareness of ClassicPress as a viable alternative to WordPress, I have created this site and offer affordable hosting. In addition, I will work with the customer to setup their site and can install optional plugins and the GeneratePress theme for free. I will help them manage their website for as long as necessary.

This post is pinned as the first post and acts as an about page. I am not affiliated with the ClassicPress organization and this site is not endorsed, owned or operated by them. However, I have been using the platform since ClassicPress (CP) was created in 2018.

Many people think ClassicPress is the Classic Editor, which is a WordPress plugin to disable Gutenberg. But CP is actually a completely separate platform, which was created as a fork of the WordPress 4.9 branch. In hindsight, the similarity of the two terms was an unlucky coincidence. Consequently, there is understandable confusion on the part of website owners.

ClassicPress was born out of the frustration and anger caused by the introduction of Gutenberg into WordPress. Now, some two years later, WordPress is poised to push the block system to new levels by moving it into all element positions. This will affect both themes and plugins and further frustrate both users and developers.

But CP has remained block-free and has no plans to change that. The platform has been updated regularly to patch any security vulnerabilities, while still maintaining the classic WP style of the 4.9 branch. Any plugins that have lost compatibility with WP 4.9 have either been forked or new ones made. The vast majority of WP plugins work perfectly well with CP, as do themes.

Elementor is one of the most important plugins that no longer support WP 4.9 and I have saved the last version that did and can include it as an option for those wishing to use it. The free version can therefore continue to work, but the Pro version cannot. The CP team will be working to fork Elementor as a CP only page builder. Meantime, Beaver Builder and Thrive Architect will still work fine.

While the hosting I offer can be used for any CMS, my primary target customers are disillusioned WP users who are looking for a viable alternative. It is quite possible to migrate your WP site over and use the CP migration plugin to switch to CP. But any content created using Gutenberg will need to be reformatted. If you had been using the Classic Editor plugin, then there is no need for that.

Seasoned website owners will not need my help, so my hosting may or may not appeal to them. But the average Mum and Dad website owner who may have only limited technical skills or previously used wp.com will appreciate the help I can offer. Hosting companies do not normally get involved with your actual website and only provide the hosting account. The rest is left up to you to figure out.

My purpose is to guide you through the setup process and install optional plugins to secure and maintain your site and install a free version of the GeneratePress Premium theme, saving you $49.95 in the first year and ongoing licensing costs. This will get you off to a good head start and save you many headaches.

The hosting is on a very good Singapore server and is more than adequate to run a CP website on shared hosting. You get 2 GB of SSD disk space and 20 GB of monthly bandwidth. Most CP sites will never need all of those resources. If they do, then they should probably be using VPS hosting instead.

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