Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not offer unlimited resources

Hosting companies that sell their plans as having unlimited disk space and bandwidth are banking on their customers only using small amounts. If you exceed their “unwritten limits” they will very often suspend your account.

It’s a similar technique airlines use when selling tickets. They allow over booking in the hope not everyone will turn up.

When I purchased my master account, it came with a predetermined amount of disk space and bandwidth. I then divide that up into separate packages for each customer. This ensures you are guaranteed that you will get what you paid for.

Once I have used up my resources, I then have to purchase another master account or upgrade my existing one to service the next batch of customers.

2 GB is not enough for me

People over estimate how much disk space they need. ClassicPress websites typically use less than 500 MB of disk space. It is very unlikely you would ever need 2 GB.

The same goes for bandwidth. Most sites only need 2 – 5 GB per month and 20 GB is more than you will most likely ever need.

You can see how much you are actually using in your cPanel. If you are approaching your limit, then you should probably be using a VPS hosting package, not shared hosting.

Why do you use the Singapore data centre

Singapore is geographically centrally located on the map. That means site loading times will be fairly consistent when accessed from any country. A European or US based data centre would work well for visitors from that region, but would be very slow for the rest of the world.

If you need faster site loading, then you can use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) account to retrieve pages from multiple servers located all over the world. The optional WP Fastest Cache plugin can work with CDN accounts.

Do I have to use ClassicPress

No, you can use any CMS platform you like. I set up this hosting site to promote ClassicPress and help people who don’t want to use WordPress now it has moved to using blocks. I will then help them with any issues getting their site up and running.

However, if you use something else or even WordPress, then I will not be able to help you with your website. I would simply be providing the hosting account, as any hosting company does. They do not get involved with your actual website either.

Do all WP plugins work with CP

Any plugin that is backwards compatible with WordPress 4.9 will work with ClassicPress. If a plugin requires 5.0 or greater, then it will not work. Currently, those are in the minority.

The ClassicPress developers are constantly working to fork plugins that are no longer compatible or creating entirely new ones. You can follow developments or make a request at their forum.

How do you access my website

When I am setting up your site, I am logging in as you. Once I hand the site over to you, I will be unable to access your ClassicPress admin panel if you change your password.

For me to continue to help you, you would need to add me as a site administrator. That could be on a temporary or permanent basis.

I understand that might not suit you, as I would have access to your entire website information. All I can say is that my background is 20 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as an avionics technician with a Secret security classification. So I know how to handle sensitive information.

I have no desire to go trolling through your site and anything I do see will remain confidential. It would only take one customer to report me and my reputation would be trashed.

Having said that, every hosting company can go into your cPanel and see every file and search your database – which is where your information is stored anyway.

What happens if you shut down

Your hosting account runs on cPanel. You can (and should) create regular backups of your home directory and databases and download them to your computer. Those backups can then be used by any other hosting company that uses cPanel to restore your website.

If you keep regular backups, then you will not have to worry if I suddenly disappear. Most hosting companies either use cPanel or can import the backups. Ideally, I would give everyone 30 days notice if I was going to close down.