As mentioned on the home page, ClassicPress has its own plugin directory here. But there are less than 100 plugins listed there. This page is for plugins that are not in that directory.

For the most part, you will need to continue using WP plugins. But the number that still work with WP 4.9 is rapidly falling. That leaves us in a no-win situation. The only viable alternative is to save previous versions that did work and bump the version number, so you are not prompted to update.

The only drawback with doing this is you may be opening up a security hole, that was fixed in a newer release. For that reason, I am only listing plugins I have used myself.

It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your website and database before installing them.

Enhanced Editor 
This is the optional enhanced editor shown on the home page slides. It gives you more toolbar buttons, which you can add or delete simply by dragging and dropping them from the toolbar. It also enables you to tick a box to “preserve tags”, which means paragraph, heading, break tags, etc can be retained when switching between visual and text modes.

This can be very useful when you want to insert your own code, such as a PayPal button, into a page or post and have it centred for example.

Brute Force Protection
A lightweight plugin that will permanently block an IP address if someone tries to guess the login details more times than you set. You can unblock them any time you want. It is a good fallback plugin where they may have slipped past your other blockers or limiters.

Simple Contact Form
This is the same plugin used for this site’s contact form. Very lightweight and includes the random number captcha feature, which the current version removed.

WP Forms
This is the last version of the popular form creation plugin that worked with CP. It is a free plugin and enables you to design and create multiple forms. Google recaptcha is also available.

A plugin that enables you to use SMTP instead of the PHP mailer to send emails from your website. Some hosts require this for security reasons on their server. A wide range of third-party SMTP clients can be used or you can simply choose “Other” and use your hosting account’s mail settings.

This is the last version of the Elementor page builder that worked with CP. While Beaver Builder still works, it is a paid plugin, whereas Elementor is free. This site is using this plugin.

Essential Addons for Elementor
The last version that worked with CP. Adds extra widgets to Elementor, making it much more useful. This site is using it for the flip boxes on the home page.

To Top
If your theme doesn’t have a scroll to top function built in, then this plugin will give you that ability.