Terms of Service

This page sets out my terms of service, refund policy and privacy policy. By ticking the “Agree to Terms” box on the order form, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed with the content on this page.

The hosting you are purchasing is known as Shared Hosting and is provided as a service by me through a third party hosting company. Support is provided by me and you cannot contact the hosting company directly. If I cannot resolve an issue, I will pass it up to the hosting company for resolution.

The content of your website must comply with requirements set by the hosting company, which I as a reseller also agree to. Consequently, I will not allow sites that contain content that I consider immoral or illegal. Commonsense prevails. Sites cannot host adult content such as pornography or child exploitation. You must not set up a site that attempts to interfere with the operation of another site or contains cracks, nulled scripts or copyright content.

You must not use your site to provide live streaming or as a storage site for files or images. All content must be directly related to the normal operation of the site as viewed by a visitor or member. You must not store more than one backup of your site at any one time. You must not use your site to send spam or cause the IP address of the server to be blacklisted.

You have 30 days to test your site once it has been handed over to you. If you find the service cannot provide what you need and I cannot make it so, I will refund your purchase price. If you breach any of the terms above or do anything I deem unsuitable, I reserve the right to issue a warning or terminate your account without refund.

You agree not to hold me responsible for any loss of information or income caused by server downtime or unavailability. It is your responsibility to make regular offsite backups through your cPanel. I reserve the right to terminate the service and this website with 30 days notice. No refund for unused time will be offered.

Your login username and email address will not be provided to a third party or the hosting company unless ordered by a Court of Law. Your login password is encrypted and cannot be seen by me. If you wish me to access your site for maintenance or fault finding, you can add me as an Administrator. I will not use the information on your site for any reason other than repair and will respect your privacy and that of your site members with the utmost confidentiality.

I reserve the right to access your cPanel at any time and inspect any files you have created. If I find anything that breaches the terms of service, I will contact you. I agree not to modify any of your files without your permission, unless they represent a serious breach of terms. Repeated breaches will result in termination of your account without refund.

I offer the service to you in good faith. I want your site to succeed as much as you do and will do everything I can to make our relationship as friendly as possible. Conflicts of interest can arise and I will try to mediate these to both our satisfaction. There is nothing worse than a host suspending your account without reason and I don’t want that to happen with you. As I said, commonsense prevails. If you do the right thing by me, then I will do the right thing by you.